What I Use

How I take the best photos on the go!

For me personally I’m not after professional looking photos but just being able to capture great scenery and awesome moments. A great example of what an iPhone can capture is my header photo of my blog, that was taken with the panorama feature on the iPhone 6s.

On my travels all I have taken with me is my iPhone and my Gopro Hero 3+ Black edition. For me this works perfectly! All the photos on my blog have been taken either with my Gopro or iPhone and they have turned out exactly how I imagined! When ever I started to plan another awesome trip I always looked to see if I needed to buy a camera. And as always I couldn’t convince myself to spend so much money on one item when I am desperately trying to save every dollar I have to enjoy myself while I’m away! Personally for me I think my phone and gopro are a great combo. They are both very small items and compact enough to be able to put in a day bag or store away in your main luggage without taking up a lot of room compared to having a good camera and you need to keep it safe in a camera bag. Those bags can take up a lot of room and don’t leave much space for much else if your day bag isnt overly big. Also I think the biggest pro of having a gopro with you is having the waterproof case. This makes life so easy not having to worry about getting it damaged if you drop it or not being able to take photos/videos while you’re swimming, I think you can really capture some awesome moments with a Gopro.
There is a new product I have found for your phone that basically turns it into a gopro. If you don’t have a gopro and want to get great underwater shots or even have the option to take it on the water with you, this is a great idea . Its called the pro shot case. Check it out, it might save you a lot of mucking around swapping between a gopro and a camera or to what ever else you use.

My Gopro set up