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15 Days Adventure through mexico!

15 days on a G adventures TourMexico city to Playa del Carmenand added 5 days at the end to hang out in Playa del Carmen.

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Day 1:   We arrived in Mexico city! Holy moly what a crazy city! Beeping and buzzing and people everywhere! We got to my hostel and settled in! Had our 1st group meet up that night to meet everyone!

Day 2:  And the adventure started! one of the options was to see the the massive pyramids of Teotihuacán. Holy crap these monstrosities of a structure are mind blowing!  They were abandoned centuries before the arrival of the Aztecs, who called the ancient architectural marvel the ‘Birthplace of the Gods’ so they don’t actually know who built them.

Day 3:  We travelled from Mexico city to Puebla! Puebla to me seemed pretty busy but relaxed at the same time. Not a hell of a lot to do there but was a good little stop over! 100% recommend seeing a real mexican wrestling match! Its huge over there and the mexican people cannot get enough of it!

Day 4:  Puebla to Oaxaca! Personally for me Oaxaca was awesome. Smallish town but very cool! Its main drive is food! Its the food hub of Mexico! Check out Ben & Andy Do Mexico food tour series of Oaxaca.  If you love food this is the place! Lots of little cafes, restaurants and street food and there are places hidden away out of plain site so keep an eye out! One of the more interesting things we tried were blue tacos! They are 100% real and the corn itself is actually blue giving the tortilla its colour, also don’t be afraid to try the Grasshoppers!!  Here I experienced a really cool moment of a wedding being celebrated right out the front of the hostel. There were people everywhere music playing, trumpets, drums people dancing in traditional dress and everyone singing. Its a memory I’ll keep for ever thats for sure.

Day 5: Some awesome experiences you can have just outside of Oaxaca are the petrified waterfall and Zapotec ruins of Monte Albán. The waterfall is a must! The views are FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! The Zapotec ruins are really good as well, if you are interested in the ancient sites then it’s worth going to check out!

On top of the Oaxaca are petrified waterfall
Oaxaca are petrified waterfall

Day 6, 7, 8:  Oaxaca to San Cristobal De Las Casas. If you get the “private overnight bus”…. good luck to you…
Our overnight “bus” was more of a mini van and we had to some how sleep… lets just say the next day everyone was a little bit moody…
But San Cristobal is a beautiful city! There is a Mayan village you can visit called San Juan Chamula, it’s not an ancient mayan site it’s just a town with a church on a hill. The locals do a traditional “Flying Dance” I guess you call it and they climb a really high pole and slowly swirl back down to the bottom while playing traditional instruments, it’s pretty impressive but if you stay and watch the whole thing expect to tip them! There is always that one sneaky bastard that catches you off guard and it’s too late before you realise what is going on and he comes at you with a hat nodding his head with a huge grin on his face, and you know there is no way out….

NOW a little heads up! If you go to the Sumidero Canyon its pretty steamy hot around there, bring a hat, the boat tours do not have any shade… and there are lots of bugs! So if you’re not a bug person get ready for some mozzi action.
One big thing they base their tour on is seeing “alligators” and “wild life” and they expect a decent tip at the end if they do manage to show you.  This is the funniest thing I actually encountered on this Canyon tour. If things turn south for the boat tour and they can’t find anything to show you, on their way back they have these “set up wild life/ alligator” props floating about in the water. If you are from Australia I’d hope you could spot the difference between real and a fake animal. For me and a couple of others knew straight away, It’s a dead giveaway when the so called “alligators” whole body is floating on top of the water and the paint is pealing off the plastic, unfortunately it does fool people but you cannot help that.

Day 9, 10:  Off to Palenque and a couple of nights spent in jungle cabins! If you are lucky on the way to Palenque you will be able stop by two waterfalls Agua Azul and Misol Ha waterfall, beautiful places to visit and you can even go for a swim at the Agua Azul waterfall!

Agua Azul Waterfall
Misol Ha waterfall

Palenque is the sole reason I booked this tour! It is home to one of the best known Mayan ruins in Mexico. This place is amazing, words cannot describe how mind blowing the structures are, it is so hard to believe how advanced this civilisation was and  being able to build these unreal structures in such dens forest, you have to see it to believe it.

Sleeping in the Jungle cabins was another cool experience, there are howler monkeys in the trees above swinging about and making a butt load of noise.

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Palenque Ruins Temple of Inscriptions behind me

Day 11, 12, 13:  We left Palenque and made our way to Merida. Here on one day we had to choose between either Mayan ruins of Uxmal visiting the amazing Cenotes in Cuzamá  bit you will also see one of the seven wonders of the world Chichén Itzá on the other day. We chose the cenotes over Uxma, and If you go for this option you will not  regret it! The Cenotes are beautiful, the clearest water I have ever laid my eyes on. You travel there by horse and cart and visit about 3-4 different Cenotes in the area! 110% recommend checking them out, and if you get up early enough you will be the only people there. Chichén Itzá is a great place to explore, it is a huge area filled with Mayan ruins and a HUGE cenote at one end!

Day 14, 15: Last two days with the group and we spent them in Playa del Carman. Really cool place, a lot more relaxed and chilled out then Cancun thats for sure. There are heaps of places to go out and shop around there! It has been pretty influenced by the western countries and they basically allow americans to run the place, it’s even to the point where they advertise prices in american dollars over their local currency paso! And to put it bluntly from what I saw the Americans traveling there treated the mexican people horribly. But in saying that the Mexicans do get a win out of this…. while advertising in American dollars they are making a lot more money this way. We did the currency exchange and at the time they were making double their money on certain items. So if you paid in american dollars for anything you were getting stooged! So always pay in paso!

Day 16-20: We spent the last couple of days in Playa del Carmen in a luxury all inclusive resort called Occidental Grand Xcaret resort. It was a great place, We didn’t have to worry about a thing. It came at the right time after a huge 15 days of going through and seeing the real mexico I needed a relaxing couple of days.
Occidental Grand Xcaret resort has a theme park attached to it called Xcaret. it has a really cool river you float down with a lifejacket on and you literally bob around in the water until the end! There are huge cliff walls surrounding you and there are even parts where you go into a cave like areas. Id recommend going and checking the resort out. There are parts of the park I didn’t really like. They had a dolphin enclosure and probably had about 10 dolphins and the area they kept them in was way too small. People could book swimming encounters with them and learn how to make them perform tricks. Something about that part of the park just didn’t sit right with me. But don’t let that deter you from going there, best to make your own mind up about situations like that.

Xcaret Mexico Park With the Beautiful Beth