Mexico! The very first trip my girlfriend and I ever went on without parents…..
This place was a huge eye opener. I have never experienced so many people in one place.  Mexico city has a population of about 8.8 million people…. Thats a lot when you compare it to Melbourne that has about 5 million.

Do you need to apply for a visa?

Simple answer is no. But that is all dependant on what country you are from. Check out the Mexperience website for the list of countries that DO NOT have to apply for a visa!

The adventure of “the real Mexico”

The number one thing you need to do when your going to travel to Mexico is to plan to see the “Real Mexico” as my tour guide would say. Dont go and sit around at a beach in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. Sure there is always time to do relax and sit around at a beach, but if you make that your priority of the holiday then I personally think you are wasting your time going to Mexico. You will really miss out on what Mexico actually has to offer.


Tipping is expected throughout Mexico. It usually ends up being about 10% of the bill which isn’t to bad, and of course if you go on day trips with a tour guide you will be expected to tip them and the driver if there is transport involved and we usually gave them around $5 Australian each.

Save your pennies!

Going to the toilet in Mexico comes at a very small price. Most of the time it was about 5 Peso, but it did ranges depending on the area you were in.
But the Cheap fee of 5 Peso gets you 1 admission and a few sheets of toilet paper.

Always pay in Paso

Paying in Paso is the cheapest way through mexico. Places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen have changed their ways and accept American dollars over their local currency, for them its great! They make a lot more money of each sale and benefits the Americans who travel there and not having to go through the hassle of exchanging their money over. But If you ask for the price in paso it was pretty much half the price compared to what the americans would pay!


There are some awesome restaurants throughout Mexico and some of the food you get to eat and try  on the streets  in small dodgy looking shops are some of the best meals you will ever have, be cautious with what you choose to eat, but don’t be afraid to try something new. One thing I struggled with was find snacks for bus trips. I know for a fact I complained a hell of a lot when it came to eating. Trying to find something to snack on was the hardest thing to do. You don’t have much choice other than chips, lollies chocolate or other sugary treats, If thats all you’re after then no worries at all but for me I dont eat a whole lot of lollies. You can buy fruit but you do need to wash them before you eat it, and to wash food you can’t use tap water, so it does become a little inconvenient at times, and the fruit isnt always in the best shape…. If you’re after a muesli bar then you are looking in the wrong place, they have types or but aren’t great at all.
If you’re a salad person be careful as well. The reason being is because of the water they use to wash the food, it can cause you to become sick just like brushing your teeth with the tap water, so always be cautious when ordering salads because you don’t want to ruin your holiday by getting sick, but don’t let it stop you from ordering them, I had plenty of salads and I was okay for most of them.

Best way I found to travel through mexico

Best way I think to go about experiencing “the real mexico” is to probably book a tour. Companies like G Adventures , Intrepid Traveland Gecko Adventures all offer a huge variety of tours. I personally think that if your not 100% confident on traveling and navigating alone or with a mate then a tour is the best way to go about it. I did my trip with my girlfriend and we booked the trip with G Adventures , and I went on a 15 day YOLO tour called  MEXICO–CITIES, CUISINE & RUINS, Personally it was actually the best thing we did.   G Adventures groups range from 10-20 people and I believe 20 is the max they will have. The people you meet along the way are amazing and it also allows you to make friends from all around the world.  Sure you will always have some people not like you or you not like them but at the end of the day you cant let that stop you from having a good time.
With a tour everything is taken care of!  A tour guide the whole way, accommodation for the whole trip, transportation, some meal, entry into some museums and much more. A tour isn’t always what people think it is, a lot of people have this idea of a tour being all to controlled and structured and that you have no time to relax and its always go go go. WRONG! From what I have experienced with G Adventures they would always talk to the group about the next destination and what there is to see and do. If you wanted to go and see something the tour guide would organise transportation for you good to go! (these experiences do have added costs most of the time).  With our tour they would take you on an orientation walk once you arrived at the end destination for that day and then the rest of the afternoon is all yours to explore the new city, the activities they had planned where always optional to go to you never “had” to go and do everything as a group, and there were plenty of people who did their own thing.