Melbourne has been voted the most liveable city in the world 6 years running. If you want to experience amazing diversity with food, wine, beer, coffee, shopping and culture then Melbourne is the place to be. Melbourne thrives on the Cafe lifestyle, eating brunch, fine dining and drinking in the many roof top and hidden bars.

A great Way to see Melbourne and to be sure you see everything is by jumping on a free walking tour with I’m Free Walking Tours. These guys are great and I recommend them to everyone I meet who visits Melbourne!

Melbournian’s  are Coffee Snobs!

The coffee culture in Melbourne has been developing since the 1880’s when ladies and gentlemen sipped coffee in coffee palaces.  The 1930’s saw the first espresso arrive and the people of Melbourne have loved drinking coffee ever since.  You don’t have to walk far before coming across a cafe in Melbourne but the best cafes are the ones you stumble across while you walk the lane ways and you turn a corner and there is a small cafe with people everywhere standing in line and waiting to get a coffee. With great coffee comes great food. Most of the great coffee places in Melbourne also offer amazing food as well.

Brunch Anyone?

Some of the best cafes are scattered throughout Melbourne and its inner city suburbs, and if you want great quality then be prepared to wait for it. If you want to keep up to date with what’s trending when you travel through Melbourne then check out the Good Food website.  They have the latest and greatest on everything food and drink. My personal favourite is a Cafe called Top Paddock, this place is on trend with a beautiful location with lots of light.  Everything this cafe does has Melbourne written all over it. Amazing food, THE best coffee and delicious treats.  The staff are all typical Melbournian hipsters in their own way even if they deny being a hipster but we all know they are. If you are after something cool and different then check out Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters. They have great coffee and a pretty groovy menu. If you are after a cool experience order their hot chocolate and you will be blown away!

Top Paddock

Melbourne’s Famous Laneways

A great example of Melbourne’s laneway culture is Degraves St. This little Gem has some great personality and has a slight feel of Harry Potter to it. With art like street signs running all the way through and some cool street art, it’s has a range of shops and is always busy. Ranging from local artists artwork to great coffee and delicious food you can’t go wrong with wandering down the lane.

If you continue and follow the lane ways through Royal Arcade you will come to the Block Arcade.  Visit the Hopetoun Tea Rooms for Breakfast, Lunch or High Tea but if you don’t have time, you must check out their cake display in the window.

Street Art!

If Street Art is what you are after then you better head to Hosier Lane. The Lane is has a great range of street art which it is constantly changing, and if you are lucky you may even stumble across someone doing their thaaanngg. But if you don’t make it to Hosier Lane don’t stress because if you wander around Melbourne you will be sure to come across some amazing street art where ever you go.

Getting around Melbourne!

One of the best ways to get around melbourne is the Free Tram service. The tram hits some good spots to see and do so I definitely recommend jumping on and using the free service!  Click here for the Free Tram Service Map.
Other ways of course are by Taxi or Uber and you can also hire bikes and ride around the city.


If you are a sports person then you have come to the right city! If you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne when the AFL season has started then you are in for a treat! AFL is the number one sport in Australia and especially in Melbourne people love their footy. The AFL season starts in March and ends at the end of September so you have a pretty good chance on catching a game if you’re traveling around those months. If you are here in the summer then you will be able to catch some cricket. Depending on what type of game you go and see you could be in for a long day if you have never watch cricket before. But if you are here when the “Big Bash” is on then that is a great idea for a good night out and it’s a little more exciting then a whole day watching cricket.
Another great thing to do is a National Sports Museum and  MCG Tour. The National Sports Museum is home to Australia’s largest collection of sporting memorabilia across a multitude of sports, while interactive zones and 3D holograms are pretty entertaining as well!
Click here for more information about the National Sports Museum and MCG Tour.

Some Great Restaurants

Melbourne is Australia’s most culturally diverse city.  You can find all types of food from Vietnamese, Greek, Indian to amazing fish and chips or a good old Kebab after a big night out. Melbourne also offers some great restaurants. Some of my personal favourites are ,  Chin Chin & Gogo Bar GAZI  and UNCLE all offering different types of food and all amazing.! Again if you want to know what’s trending in Melbourne just look up the Good Food website or The Urban List. They have a wealth of information on Restaurants, Cafe’s, Bars, Pubs, Shopping, Health & Beauty.

Getting a Drink!

If your looking to wet your whistle (get a drink)  then Melbourne is the place to be. From great cocktails, hidden bars and the perfect rooftop bar for a hot summer night then Melbourne has everything you need. A great place for cocktails or any type of drink is the 1806 Cocktail Bar . If your looking to try you luck and find some of the hidden Gems in Melbourne then check out this article on the Time out. For me, my go to hidden bar is Jungle Boy at Boston Sub. This place is quite unique. Located on Chapel Street in Windsor the shop front is an American Sandwich shop, and their freezer door is the entrance to their hidden bar ( but don’t tell anyone).  The venue fills up early so be prepared to wait , but its worth it. Grab something to eat at Boston Sub while you wait.