Learn The Lingo

If you are planning on going anywhere in the world it does help to learn some words of the local language!

If you or anyone you know is planning to travel to South america or Mexico, please do yourself a favour and LEARN SOME SPANISH! Best way I found eventually was the app DuoLingo it’s  a great app for learning any language! I was very naive thinking that everyone around the world knows a little bit of english and that I’d be okay, WRONG.  The transport driver from the airport to the hostel in Mexico knew no english. Once we got to the hostel we went to find some breaky. Trying to order breaky was a challenge, we had get someone to translate what the menu said and  and then get them to order for us ( this person who helped us was eating their breaky on the table across from us) Once we ordered the person said to us

funny, you come to a spanish speaking country and you know no spanish, you won’t be lasting very long here will you”.

From that point on I was stressing.  Best thing we did after that was download the App “Google Translate” that was a life saver. It Instantly translate anything you hold your phone over AND YOU DON’T NEED THE INTERNET DO TO IT!!! How good is that! Its as easy as choosing the language you want to translate to your preferred language and Bob’s your uncle, it does it right in front of your eyes! From my experience it worked 95% of the time, but it did translate some words incorrectly every now and then.

Best way to go about traveling to places where you don’t speak the local language is to learn some basic words like “hello”, “thankyou”, “please” all these words go a long way, and over time you pick up some more.