EVO SP Handheld Gimbal

I introduce to you the EVO SP Gimbal. The Evo SP is Eliminates shaky video and allows you to easily shoot pro-quality, cinematic like footage with your smartphone and Go pro.

Whats Included
Evo SP Gimbal
2 x rechargeable Batteries
Battery Charging station
Charging Cable
Foam pad for protecting your screen/ lense
Counter Weight

Added Extras
Adaptor Plate for Gopro



Evo SP Gimbal – $330 AUD or $250 US
GoPro Adapter Plate – $35 AUD or $26 US
Shipping to Melbourne Australia – $36 US


The Evo SP Gimbal is designed for your smart phone but they do give you the option the buy an attachment that allows you to use your GoPro with the hand held device. With this attachment it also needs the counter weight to be attached to one of the gimbals arms and it works perfectly.
Attaching the GoPro to the adaptor plate is easy. You Get the two gold screws Slide them through the holes on the place and the attach the small C bracket, don’t do the screws up all the way because then you won’t be able to slide your Gopro into place. Once you have the GoPro in place tighten the gold screws up and you’re ready to go. If you have the LED adaptor screen it does allow you to use that as well.

Setting up the Gimbal  is as easy as 5 simple steps. Evo have their own Unboxing video and set up video and there are heaps other set up/ review videos on youtube if you get lost.

The Evo SP  so far its great. The footage I have taken is exactly what I wanted and I’m excited to make some great travel videos with it.
Setting it up really easy and not hard to get wrong. I do suggest that you read through the instruction first and then step by step slowly set it up.  I have found that for some reason my iPhone 6s does tilt ever so slightly to the left but in the footage you cant tell at all, I have tried to re calibrate the gimbal but it stays the same. It has indicator lights to let you know what percentage of battery life you have left.
4 Flashes – 75-100%
3 Flashes – 50-75%
2 Flashes – 25 – 50%
1 Flash – 0 – 25%
The SP Gimbal has 4 settings it can be set to and are all controlled by clicking the joystick.
“Head Follow Mode”
“Heading Lock Mode”
“Heading & Pitch Follow Mode”
“Inverted Mode”
The Joystick is perfect height for you to use your thumb. It allows you to change the angle of your phone/ GoPro up and down, and when it is in the “Heading & Pitch follow mode”you can change the angle of the camera from left to right up and down.  All the other angles you use your wrist to move the camera left to right.
It’s not hard to get use to how it all works, for myself I’m not someone who has experience in filming or takes proper photos but using this makes life pretty easy and stress free trying to get that perfect shot.
The make of this gimbal seems really sturdy and well made and I was pretty impressed with how nice it felt in my hand and how easy it is to change and control everything.

Overall the Evo Sp Gimbal is well worth the money. Once I placed the order I recieved it within 5 working days from America and that was pretty impressive. If you’re looking for a start up Gimbal like I was I really think the SP is the best way to go. The simpleness of it is more than enough to justify spending the money.  I researched this for ages and in every review or “top ten gimbals” the Evo SP always popped up and had great reviews, and thats why I decided to go with Evo. Do as much research as you want but if it was me I would be going with the Evo SP.

Click here to view the Evo SP Gimbal.