DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is one of the newest addition to DJI’s family, and this thing is awesome. Such a small drone Jam packed with so much technology, like DJI say themselves  “portable yet powerful, the Mavic Pro is your personal drone, ready to go with you everywhere”.

For me personally I have been holding out from buying a drone for a very long time. I wanted a drone that was compact enough to put in my backpack without compromising space for other things i could be carrying and also had all the bells and whistles. When DJI introduced the Mavic Pro to the world it was love at first sight, I knew this was the drone I had been waiting for. This drone is amazingly compact is literally the size of my hand when folded up.

The Mavic Pro main features are:

27min flight time (but usually get around 23mins)

7km Flight range

Speeds up to 65km/h

3 Axis Gimbal

4K Video

12MP Camera

I purchased the DJI  Mavic Pro and the Fly more combo kit setting me back $2000 AUD, and it was the best investment I have ever made.

What you get:

1 x Mavic Pro

1 x Gimbal Clamp

1 x Gimbal cover + gimbal cover protector

1 x Remote

3 x batteries

1x charger wall sharper

1 x Car charger

1 x Multiple battery charging dock

1 x to power bank adaptor

1 x USB to micro usb cable (for charging the remote)

1 x full set of spare propellers ( 4 )

1 x spare propellers for each side ( 2 )

1 x RC Cable (lightning connector)

1 x RC cable ( stndard Micro USB connector)

1 x RC cable (USB Type-C connector)

1 x 16GB Mico SD card

4 x RC Cable Slider

1 x Shoulder bag


Setting the Mavic up is very simple as long as you do follow the manuals. If you are having some issue with setting the drone up then the best way to troubleshoot your problem is by going to Youtube. Youtube has some great “set up” videos for the Mavic, things that you should and shouldn’t do and little errors a lot of people make trying to set up the drone.

The best videos are at the DJI Tutorials Channel, they have everything you can think of on their channel.

Keeping the Mavic Safe

DJI carry case for the Mavic is a great little bag to keep everything together and protected while in transport. I have been able to fit  everything into the bag that came in the combo kit. At the start I hated this bag because I was putting the drone in the wrong way and I would always struggle to get it back out. I had to play around with it a lot and figured out the best positioned to put it in the bag. I eventually got it and was able to fit everything into the bag. The best Youtube video I have found that shows you how I did it is the one below.

Getting up and running

I’m not going to go into any detail about getting up and running because I think the manuals are pretty self explanatory. If you are having difficulty with setting it up then head on over to Youtube, this is the best place to answer any questions you have and there are heaps of start up videos for the Mavic Pro.
These are a couple of videos I think are pretty useful.



The Mavic Pros remote control is a pretty nifty device. Small and compact it fits anywhere! This remote is so easy to use and you can program the controls to whatever your preference is! You can customise the controls however you like, for me I have made it so it is like I am playing a first person shooter Eg: COD. This just creates a good familiar environment when flying so I don’t have to worry about trying to figure out new controls while trying not to crash the drone.

Being able to attach your phone and use it to have a first person view of what your camera sees is such an advantage. Your phone is also the hub for all your settings and controls to do with your camera and drone, and it is very easy to navigate through all their menus. You can use any smartphone just need to download the App and I have seen people using an iPad Mini instead but it does look a little bit too big for the remote.

When your going to start flying it is a good idea to turn your phone on aeroplane mode just so you don’t get any phone calls or texts that can interfere mid flight.

If you want help setting up your remote this is a great Youtube video for you to check out:


Flying the Mavic is so so easy. It is such a smooth control

Having a first person view via your phone or tablet is something I had to get use to and it did take a little bit but once I got the hang of it I never looked back. Being able to see what your drone is seeing gives you such a great feeling while flying it, you really feel like you’re up there flying and getting a totally different perspective of the world. Everything looks so much more amazing from above.

Working out how to use the drones camera while flying at the same time is something of a challenge at the start but after a little bit of practise you’ll be a pro. To help you get the best shot while moving I’ve found it’s  best to use the “cinematic” mode. What this mode does is change the movement speed of the camera, forward, backwards, left and right allowing you to capture a great steady video and being able to change the camera angle without slipping and causing the camera to rapidly move and having to restart. The only issue with this mode is that you have to be more aware of your surroundings, not being able to suddenly stop the Mavic from moving can cause some heart stopping moments, but as long as you are careful and always looking out for hazards then you will be fine.


Another great feature for safety the DJI has included is the ability to detect objects in front of it. For example once something comes within 5 metres of the front of the drone it will buzz on the controller and then stop where it is. I tested this out on myself and I was very hesitant about doing it. The way I tested this was by standing in front of the the drone and flew it directly at me, and thankfully it did stop, but i would not recommend anyone doing this because propellers do hurt if something goes wrong.

Another great safety feature the Mavic has is the “return home” button. Basically if you want to stop flying all you have to do is press “return home” and the Mavic will literally come back to where is took off and land pretty much in the exactly same spot. This mode also kicks in if the battery is too low. The Mavic will send you notifications saying that it is has low battery and if you keep going it will stop and “return home” all by itself.

Active Track

An awesome feature the Mavic has is Active track. Active track is basically what it sounds like. You choose by tapping a subject on your screen (you) and you will light up green and your ready to go, the Mavic will automatically follow you without having to have the remote on you. You could be doing all sorts of things in this mode like, Wake boarding, Skateboarding, surfing or even going for a run and this was a big selling point for me.

Another awesome feature the Mavic has is “point of interest”. It’s as easy as choosing a point on the screen, then setting a height and distance from that set point and press start and the Mavic will automatically do a 360 around that focus point you set.


Gesture Mode 

Now this is the ultimate way to take a selfie. All you need to do is get in picture, Gesture at the Mavic with your hands by creating a frame with your fingers (like movie producers do with their finger and thumb) and after watching the lights flash on the Mavic you’ll know when the picture has been taken.

I have tried this multiple times and it has worked every time, it did take a little bit to get right but once you know how the Mavic detects you then you’re sweat.

To wrap things up. If you are looking for a Drone with all the technology  jammed packed into something that you can almost put in your pocket then the mavic pro is the one to get. I do not regret buying the Mavic and I don’t think you will either, it really is an amazing piece of technology. If your like me and want to buy a first drone but don’t want to go crazy then I think this is a great option. So do yourself a favour and go buy the Mavic Pro ( click here) and get some amazing photos and videos, your life will never be the same!

Click here to purchase the Mavic.