Death Road

Death Road Adventure

Standing at 5000m above sea level is where you start the crazy down hill adventure of Death Road.

Tour Company

The company we went through was Altitude Adventures, all pricing and other information is all in their website and I would highly recommend them. You dont have to be a very confident rider they allow you to go as fast and as slow as you would like, they are very cruisy about the whole thing. If you get to a point where you don’t want to ride anymore or don’t feel safe they do allow you to sit in the mini bus that follows you the whole way, but they say that is safer riding down Death Road because the buses have a higher chance to fall off the side of the road then you do on a bike. Altitude Adventure explained everything and made sure everyone was set up properly with safety gear.


If you want to get some great photos and videos it is pretty easy to do so. Most of the helmets Altitude Adventures provide have Gopro mount attachments on them making it easy to attach a action camera. Throughout your down hill adventure they cycle ahead of you and take photos of the group speeding down the mountainous roads and they do capture some great photos.  Unfortunately for us on the day their camera skills weren’t overly great and most of the photos we got were very blurry or had condensation on the lense.  I think we were just unlucky because all the other group photos from past tours I saw were really good, maybe we got a new guy who knows. You do stop a fair bit to catch your breath and relax a little bit, and most of the stops have good views and great photo opportunities.

What to Bring

If you do the tour with Altitude Adventures you dont need to bring any safety gear at all, But I do recommend that you bring a change of clothes with you. You start pretty high up and it’s pretty chilly up there, but as you cycle down it gets warmer and warmer and a lot more humid. I personally worse shorts a T shirt and a jumper at the start and by the end I was just in a T shirt and shorts and dripping of sweat hence the change of clothes you should bring.
Wear sturdy shoes, runners would be ideal wouldn’t wear any open toe shoe or casual shoe you do need something a little more robust.
If you have a GoPro or any action camera that attaches to go pro mounts I would bring it and a camera of some sort. You can keep the other camera in the bus that follows you for the day and you can access it every time you stop.


The Start Of The Crazy Downhill Adventure

Starting at almost 5000m above sea level you gear up and get ready to ride down one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Altitude Adventure explained everything and made sure everyone was set up properly with safety gear.

It turns from asphalt to a rocky dirt road and it is all downhill from there. The road itself is dangerous, but if stay in the middle there is no issue what so ever. When we were cycling down the road you do pass other tour groups, cars, trucks and sometimes minibuses. You come across areas that have been affected by landslides and you have to slow down and take it easy around those areas. You really do have to be careful about how fast you are going down the road because there are plenty of blind turns and you have no idea what is on the other side. There is a great Youtube video by  Breaking Borders  where you can see the speeds you can get to while doing the tour. Click here to watch the video.

I myself stacked it hard and I flew right over my handlebars and landed on a group of about 4 people who had stopped to look at the landslide damage on the road. Another guy in our group fell off while going at high speed and broke his foot, but he still finished the ride. We made it to the end/start of the “death road” with a couple of people stacking pretty badly throughout the day but we were all safe and sound and relaxed by a pool for the afternoon and ate some food.

Death road is something you should definitely do if you have a couple of days in La Paz. Its a fantastic experience and you get some great scenery while cycling down the road.